Irving Cohen: Attorney at Law

"Irving Cohen has dedicated his legal career to helping the individual client deal with a crisis situation."

Obtaining Compensation for the Unjustly Convicted

Over the last twenty-five years, Mr. Cohen has become one of the leading attorneys in this very specific and complicated area of the law. He has availed himself of every legal avenue to seek redress for the mistakes of criminal courts that have that resulted in the horrific consequence of the loss of freedom of an innocent person. He has brought suits against the State of New York, the City of New York, police officers, District Attorneys and even the defense lawyers who originally represented his clients. Many of these cases have achieved wide notoriety. Mr. Cohen has given lectures in this area of the law. He has made numerous appearances on national television. His expertise in the area of “misidentification” and its causes have been the subject of interviews in the various media. Such a misidentification was at the heart of the well-known “Palladium” murder case in which Mr. Cohen just recently obtained a settlement from the City and State in the amount of $2.6 million. Other clients-either through trial or settlement-have been awarded amounts up to $1.2 million. Mr. Cohen has thus far been successful in every case that has proceeded to trial.

Mr. Cohen’s expertise as a litigator in these legally and factually challenging cases has been utilized in other types of lawsuits. He has been retained to represent Plaintiffs in matters of sexual abuse (by Clergy, Teacher, Lawyer, Physician); and Defendants in corporate and commercial matters. In virtually any type of litigation, civil or criminal, Mr. Cohen is available to provide the best in advocacy.

Irving Cohen has dedicated his legal career to helping the individual client deal with a crisis situation. He is compassionate with his clients but tough in court and respected by his adversaries and the judiciary. Mr. Cohen, through his intelligence, tenacity, strategic sense and practicality has dramatically altered and positively affected the lives of countless men and women. Each client’s cause becomes his own.