Irving Cohen: Attorney at Law

"Irving Cohen, through his intelligence, tenacity, strategic sense and practicality has dramatically altered and positively affected the lives of countless men and women. Each client’s cause becomes his own."

Irving Cohen is a nationally recognized litigation attorney. From his early experience handling high level criminal cases, Mr. Cohen's practice expanded into many areas of civil litigation. Most notably, part of Mr. Cohen's practice today involves the representation of those who, although factually innocent, were unjustly convicted and spent years in prison without cause. Mr. Cohen has been successful in obtaining substantial money damages for these clients, such as $2.6 million in his latest case. Indeed, Mr. Cohen has represented more claimants than any other single attorney pursuant to New York State's Unjust Conviction and Imprisonment Act. At the same time, he continues his well-known criminal defense practice in both the state and federal courts, and his representation of clients and corporations in major civil litigation.

Irving Cohen, ESQ.
233 Broadway, Suite 2701
New York, NY 10279
PH: 212-964-2544